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Thank you so much for all your support in bringing DUNK Like a Girl to many more girls from marginalized communities all year round.


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Our Vision

Lady Ballers Camp envisions a socially just world where every girl-child freely enjoy camp experience, is held in high standard and have her efforts applauded in a safe space, through accessibility and a sense of belonging.


Lady Ballers Camp is a safe space for girls to make friends, keep fit and have fun.
Our goal is: Friends. Fit. Fun.

To us, camp is synonymous to 'getting together' all year round, building friendships, keeping fit, for education and awareness, to engage in empowerment programs and having fun!

We strive on the positive development of girls. At Lady Ballers Camp, no child is left behind and every girl child enjoys an enriching basketball camp experience. Our passion is, helping girls to become healthy and active through an enjoyable experience of playing basketball, learning to make healthy meals & snacks, having tools to build and maintain her self esteem, maintaining  healthy & realistic body image, gaining and maintaining leadership skills and of course, experiencing tradition camp programs like Arts and Crafts.

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